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  • Emma Parker
  • July 16, 2020

Let us start by pondering over a question, you think of your answer, and I will tell you mine towards the end.

So, the question is,

Can a person claim to be perfect?

Can perfection ever be achieved?

Can someone become so good at something that there is no room for improvement?

I know you would say that these are three questions, but they are asking you the same, just in different words.

So, while you think about the answer to these, I’ll begin today’s topic, which is learning.

If we look at the word learn, we will find two connotations of the same,

One refers to the acquisition of knowledge, wherein you absorb as much as is being told to you;

And the second is with regards to memory; when you see or hear something, and that becomes imprinted in your memory, it means you have learnt it.

I honestly had to look up the meaning of the word, I knew what it meant, but explaining in words was kind of difficult. And another honest opinion, I feel the word’s meaning is far more elaborate than I thought.

The process of learning starts when we are born; every one of you would agree to this; however, its end is always under contention.

So, the question we are going to address today is whether learning ever stops or not.

The First Learnt Chapter

From the moment we become self-aware, the learning process starts.

  • The first words we speak are because of the words that our parents speak around us at home;
  • The first time we take steps is because of the encouragement our parents give us;
  • The first time we hurt ourselves is because we tried to use something that we were not supposed to; this is learning the hard way, but learning all the same.

From talking in broken phrases to making complete logical sentences;

From taking hesitant baby steps to running across the yard;

From our parents feed us every meal to us finishing the entire plate ourselves;

I call each of these experiences a part of the learning curve and all of them happen inside our home, and they continue until we are alive.

The kind of personality we develop is decided by the atmosphere we have in our homes. If our parents are patient, kind and love animals, there is a high likelihood that we would develop the same traits.

The School Curriculum 

If I asked you where you learnt most of the things you know, your answer would probably be school.

And it is correct,

I am able to write because I went to school;

I am able to make complex ideas convert into complex sentences because I went to school;

And I am able to think those complex ideas because I went to school;

School can take a child’s knowledge spectrum go from 1 to 1000 or 100,000 during the years spent there.

While our home helps us in building our moral values, school is responsible for the technical and practical knowledge we acquire.

Subjects like Science, History and Algebra are not many of our parents’ cup of tea, and that is why school is where we go to learn.

The college takes this education to the next level readying us for the world beyond. Perhaps that is why we do not hesitate in taking on quick student loans to pay for the degree that will get us a well-paying job.

The Corporate Life

If you think the learning has come to a halt, you are utterly mistaken, my friend. You can say that the theoretical kind is done for after graduate school, but the real kind has just begun.

The things you learn when you enter the working life are not something you can learn in a classroom, the working class would agree with me.

  • Handling the work pressure;
  • Dealing with corporate politics;
  • Overcoming racism, gender inequality and nepotism;
  • Managing to keep a stoic face when your boss is verbally bashing you over the loss of a contract;
  • And yes, the most important for improving your performance, your abilities and your strengths to become the best employee anyone can ask for.

You would be wise to remember that you cannot learn all of these in a day, a week or even a year. It takes all of your working life to become somewhat of an expert in these.

By the time a person retires, he has learnt as much as he can in his field. Upon retiring when he gets accustomed to the world outside his office, he realises that the world has changed a lot and the learning begins again. It is not a realisation that has a negative flair to it, rather the opposite.

Learning is always fun. Nobody can deny that.

Winding Up

In the end, I want to say that learning is the pathway to perfection.

When a person has learnt everything he possibly can, only then could he be considered to become a contender for perfection.

Since learning never ceases, even when you have gone through your entire life with far more experiences than an average person, there would still be a lot of things and subjects that you might not know about.

Therefore, as learning’s curve never plateaus, perfection can never be achieved.

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